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As a requirement for an effective and influential livestock sector, it requires the presence of parallel veterinary services whose status is evaluated as one of the indicators of the sector’s effectiveness and its obtaining international recognition, which represents one of the most important pillars and requirements of international agreements, of which the United Arab Emirates is a major partner in many of them, especially those related to international trade.
“Despite all of the above, the veterinary profession and its related professions are among the few, if not the only, professions in which the number of Emirati citizens does not exceed the number of fingers of two hands, and based on the government’s rational orientations to nationalize jobs and to encourage Emirati students to engage in the field of veterinary medicine The idea of establishing the Emirates Veterinary Association was present in our minds and we embodied it as an ambitious project on the ground.”
The establishment of the association came according to Ministerial Resolution No. (421) of 2016 dated: 8

China Pet Industry Association, CIQA(CPIA), approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, PRC, is a non-profit national social organization, who voluntarily consists of enterprises, institutions, relevant organizations and individuals. It has the qualifications of independent corporate entity and carries out non-profitable activities in accordance with its association constitution.

Business Scope: To set up industry standard, guide the industry and consuming market , international cooperation, consultation , training, information exchange, public benefit activity,. pet welfare.

Objectives: To guide the industry to have a sustainable & healthy development.

1. Publicize relevant standards about pet food & nutrition , accessories, live pets as well as logistics by the Chinese governments.
2. Collect information and sort out development trend, data as well as national and international market information of pet industry.
3. Provide consulting and training service for members.
4. Establish industry standards and professional ethics, promote industry self-discipline.
5. Organize activities for exchange and cooperation among members, relevant organizations, groups and enterprises at home and abroad.
6. Gather national and international experts in the industry.
7. Educate members the rules & regulations by the government and advanced technology and ideas in the world pet industry.
8. Propose amendments and addenda to the relevant laws, regulations, policies and rules by the government authorities.
9. Cooperate with government authorities, accept and undertake related tasks entrusted by the government.